The Bee in My Bonnet

At the end of my comprehensive exams, one of my committee members suggested I find the bee in my bonnet. While I admit it’s rather a silly expression, and one I had never heard, I also find myself returning to it. I’m often the kind of person who will jump around from idea to idea, trying to pin down the question or project that feels the most “me.” While they do often share similarities in terms of focus, topic, or area, I have a hard time sticking to any one specific thing.

Until recently.

I’m moving into the Dissertation Prospectus phase, and I’ve started thinking about my trajectory. What are the questions I always return to? What do I enjoy talking about and discussing? In thinking through this, I arrived at a small nugget of an idea involving writing instructors, institutional resources, and digital approaches to FYC.

The more I thought about these things, the more questions I started to raise, and the more layers I could see unfolding. I’ll admit, I was buzzing. I found the bee.

So now I move into the research, refining, and pitch stage. I’m not quite ready to share this idea openly, as it’s still a bit of a nugget. The hardest part will be to not talk myself out of it before I even find out if it has legs. Until then, I’ll keep buzzing and try to hold this bee down.

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