Hi there! I’m Rebecca, and thanks for visiting my site. I’m a PhD candidate in Composition and Rhetoric at UMass Amherst. I’m interested in Writing Program Administration, Computers and Writing, and Curricular design. My dissertation looks at how disciplinary knowledge centered around computers, digital literacy, and FYC is mobilized (or not) at the programmatic level. My research will explore the conditions that both support and/or inhibit engagement with the field’s research, and considers the pace of translation from research (articles, presentations) to practice (curricular integration).

In addition to working on my PhD, I work for the UMass Writing Program, serving as the Junior Year Writing Program Coordinator, planning instructional workshops and assisting with other University Writing Committee tasks. I also work as the Graduate Assistant for the UMass General Education Council, which offers me the opportunity to explore different perspectives of institutional structures and processes.

When not teaching or researching, I love traveling the world, one destination at a time. I also have what I see as my favorite 3 c’s: cooking, coffee, and cats. If you want to know more, or talk further, email me at r.petitti@umass.edu or find me on Twitter @rebeccawritenow.

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